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Year 3

Stone Age Day

Submitted by class3 on Wednesday, December 11, 2019 - 13:00

On Monday, Year 3 took part in a Stone Age morning with the fabulous Mr Victrix.  We learnt all about the Stone Age, and even got to touch real artifacts! We discussed how sometimes historians get things wrong, but how looking at the evidene really helps us find the truth. For example, when we found out that the 'Red Lady' was not a Roman lady, but a Stone Age Man! 

We took part in a 'deer hunt' and learnt about funerary traditions throughout the Stone Age. The children enjoyed getting involved and acting out different stories. It was a wonderful day and we had lots of fun and learning!

Rugby World Club, digital challenge

Submitted by sporto on Tuesday, October 1, 2019 - 12:12

During this Rugby World cvup we have been set a digital challemge by TWKSSA. We have to see how many passes we can make in 1 minute and then send a video in to be judged. Year 3 made 47 passes. We did, however, make 15 videos to achieve that!!!!

Iron Man poems in year 3, 2019

Submitted by class3 on Tuesday, September 17, 2019 - 16:12

Alongside reading The Iron Man, Year 3 have been writing poetry to describe aspects of the Iron Man himself.

Here are the poems they wrote in groups. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did! 

Mrs Wyatt


I am the rusty ears that twist slowly and delicately

I am the colossal mouth that crushes razor-sharp barbed wire from the humungous ground

I am the uneven arms that move ferociously through the air.

I am the creaking, long legs that stomp on metal viciously.



I am the magnificent head

I am the metallic, gargantuan arms that sway with the wind absentmindedly.

I am the cogs that spin ferociously inside the titanic body

I am the strong legs that stop on razor-sharp wire.



I am the robot head that chomps sharp metal with vicious teeth

I am the powerful eyes that glare to find my next victim

I am the long arms that sway in the loud wind.

I am the rusty and strong legs that stomp viciously



I am the powerful legs that crunch violently

I am the arms that stomp quietly

I am the ears that listen for my next travel

I am the mouth that speaks clearly.



I am the legs that stomp sneakily

I am the powerful arms that sway violently

I am the colossal arms that sway



I am the amazing arms that grab furiously, angrily, meanly and horridly.

I am the powerful metallic legs that stomp on razor-sharp wire loudly.

I am the glowing eyes that saw the crashing waves

I am the metallic cogs that spin madly in the colossal body



I am the eyes that look

I am the scary mouth, full of razor-sharp teeth that eat metal.

I am the arms that sway creakily to grab metal for my dinner

I am the legs that tread on the cars so I can eat them.



Leopard's class display

Submitted by class3 on Tuesday, September 17, 2019 - 16:08

We've been reading The Iron Man by Ted Hughes this term, and the children have created a beautiful display in the hall, which you might miss, so here's a picture of it for you. 

It shows our poetry, sulptures and artwork.

Outdoor classroom day

Submitted by class5 on Thursday, May 23, 2019 - 16:13

Year 3 took part in outdoor classroom day today - taking our learning outside! We had great fun and lots of learning was done. We used the outdoor space to find 3D objects and count up the faces, vertices and edges. In the afternoon, we created ancient Egyptian 'shadufs'. These are water-lifting devices used for irrigating fields. The children experimented with where to add the load, counterweight and where to place the pivot. Great fun!

Pyramid News Reports

Submitted by class5 on Friday, May 17, 2019 - 16:58

Today we learnt about how the Great Pyramid was made. The children imagined that they were news reporters, talking about the completion of Pharaoh Khufu's pyramid.

Here is a small selection of the videos they made. 





Year three trip to Maidstone Museum

Submitted by class5 on Thursday, May 16, 2019 - 16:02

On Wednesday, leopards class took a trip to the ancient Egyptian exhibition at the Maidstone museum. We learnt all about the stages of mummification and even got to handle real ancient artefacts! Next, we mummified oranges but scooping out all of the insides and stuffing them full of salt and newspaper before wrapping them tightly with bandages. In the afternoon, we explored the exhibit and saw a real mummy - Ta-Kesh. 

It was a great day, and full of learning and new experiences!

Easter Service

Submitted by class5 on Sunday, April 28, 2019 - 16:05

Year 3 created a video for the Easter service about the Last Supper. Please watch and enjoy!

Iron Man poems in Year 3!

Submitted by class3 on Tuesday, January 15, 2019 - 16:16

Today, year 3 used 'The Iron Man' to create descriptive poems. We used the 'I am' sentence starter and then the children let their imaginations run wild!


Here are their poems:


I am the right fist that crushes cars, lorries and tractors,

I am the left fist and with anger I crush the metal,

I am the mouth that chomps the wire fence noisily,

I am the mighty arms, skimming the earth, feeding the bold head.



I am the legs that vibrate the earth,

I am the fists that rip up the big long and heavy barbed wire,

I am the eyes that scan for my next meal,

I am the feet that stomp viciously.


I am the legs that stride through the icy waves,

I am the forceful, mighty head that protects the brain,

I am the hydraulics that move the body rapidly and precisely,

I am the arm that moves around.



I am the arm and I glow bright infra-red and ultra violet and white super muddy and I am rusty,

I am the nose that smells my next meal,

I am the rusty iron organs that digest metal,

I am the toe that wiggles vigorously.


I am the fierce red eyes that scan the earth quickly and carefully,

I am the mighty body that moves elegantly through the mighty waves,

I am the hand on the right that defeats people from hurting the iron man,

I am the hand that is on the left and always picks up people and eats them with iron.



I am the ruby red eyes, scouring the earth for my next adventure,

I am the enormous razor sharp teeth that chomp violently,

I am the powerful arms that move the hand strongly,

I am the powerful fists, that clench the rusty iron courageously.



I am the head that moves with a creek,

I am the mighty eyes that glow,

I am the head that moves slowly,

I am the mouth that chomps like a shark,

We are the legs and we walk quickly,

I am the mouth that can walk.

Stone Age day at the museum of Kent life

Submitted by class3 on Monday, November 26, 2018 - 12:48

On Friday, year three visited the museum of Kent life in Maidstone to learn all about the Stone Age. 

We started off the day very excited as we embarked on the coach. We were immediately impressed with our 'meet the tribe member' session and we met a Stone Age man called 'claw'.

We learnt about stone henge and how they moved the huge rocks 200 miles away from Wales, and we used charcoal to do some cave Painting,

During our lunch time we had a tractor ride around the museum grounds and played in their enormous adventure playground. 

in our afternoon sessions we learnt about trading in the Stone Age, and how they may have to use gestures to communicate, weapons (we were particularly impressed with the obsidian arrowhead!) and how the Neolithic revolution lead to farming rather than hunting and gathering. 


A wonderful day which was thoroughly enjoyed by all!


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