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P.E. Maths

A Celebration of Sawdust!

Submitted by tawnyowl on Thursday, March 28, 2019 - 19:10

Year R enjoyed a warm, sunny day in the woods today. We had two photographers on hand for the morning session, so there are some lovely photos of Beech Group. However. Tawny Owl became so engrossed in observing the children after lunch, she forgot to pick up her camera, so there are no photos for the Oak Group today.

As you can see from the lovely photos, the children enjoyed playing with a pile of sawdust, and each child also had the opportunity to begin their Forest School journey in use of tools - they used a vegetable peeler and sharp vegetable knife to begin to learn about using sharp tools safely. Next week, we will progress to using scout knives to peel the bark off hazel to use as cooking sticks. We were really proud of how focussed the children were. They all enjoyed eating the carrots too!

During the afternoon, Oak group also enjoyed the tree cookies (and were really helpful in putting them all away at the end), although there was little sawdust left. They also hunted for worms and found beetles as well.

Thank you Daffodil for the lovely photos!

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