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Year 6's final session in the woods

Submitted by tawnyowl on Monday, July 1, 2019 - 19:22

Year 6 chose to have a whole day in the woods today.

Wren provided a shuttle to run the children to the wood in 2 groups. 

It was not a usual Forest School session because there were 28 children to support.

They began with a game of Beetle Tag, after a small group had chosen an area to play. The children played with enthusiasm and good humour (although Tawny Owl began to feel that she was being caught an awful lot, however, she quite enjoyed lying on the ground with her arms and legs waving in the air)!

After this game, the children separated into groups to carry out activities. As there were so many children Tawny Owl requested that all the children needed to participate in 2 of the activities. Sadly, some of the group decided that this instruction didn't apply to them; not good team work.

However, many children enjoyed the activities on offer: cooking (menu below), making fire sticks, cutting and splitting wood, carrying out a bioblitz (results in the photos), finishing off obstacle course activities.

Today's Menu:

Pizza Calzone

Vegetable kebabs

Nettle Crisps

Trout cooked in newspaper

Chocolate dipped fruit

The day was over before we knew it! There was a lot of equipment to carry, but we managed to get everything back to the minibus/cars in good time.


Tawny Owl would especailly like to thank Mouse who gives up her valuable time volutarily. Thank you Mouse.

Thank you Mr Price for some of the trout!

Thank you also to Wren who works so hard to support Tawny Owl with her hare-brained ideas!

Thank you everyone! Remember all you have learned year 6, and good luck in your new schools.

Have a look at the main set of photos on the class gallery.


A Week of Outdoor Learning

Submitted by class1 on Thursday, June 27, 2019 - 20:43

Year one took advantage of the lovely weather this week to enjoy a variety of Outdoor Learning opportunities.

It began on Tuesday morning following some very heavy overnight rain, and an enormous puddle in the playground.

Mrs Stanford allowed her ‘inner child’ to take control (remembering a favourite childhood activity), and we all went out onto the playground. Everyone removed their shoes and socks (and left them in a beautifully neat line – a future Maths activity?)

The children were then reminded about Fox Walking which we had tried last year in the woods – each foot is placed gently into the ground to check for dangers before placing the whole weight of the foot; avoiding sure feet.

We then thoroughly enjoyed paddling in the puddle!

The learning opportunities were grasped with both hands (or feet):

  • Science – feeling the difference in temperature in different parts of the puddle (due to depth, shadow, warmth from the warm playground), realising that the water felt warm on our feet because our feet were slightly chilly, but the same water feeling cold on our hands which were warm. Drying our feet on the warm playground. Floating and sinking
  • Maths – depth measurement, why it was deeper in some parts and shallow in other parts
  • Geography – silt/mud and how it affects the cloudiness of the water, and what happened after we stopped disturbing it.
  • PSHE – we discussed self-regulation and controlling the urge to splash.
  • Repetition of We’re Going on a Bear Hunt – Splishy Splashy

We then went on to continue our Maths on measurement – investigating the statement Tall Trees Have Bigger Leaves.

Our Science later in the day involved investigating separating materials which we did on the playground.

Forest School

Our learning in the woods involved making jam (‘Bella Campfire Jam’), toasting muffins, and of course eating our muffins with ‘Bella Campfire Jam’. Playing with friends on a mud slide, making shelters, using tools, bug hunting. We also enjoyed a game of Palm Tag.

Phew! No wonder everyone was tired after all this BIG brain work and fresh air!

Have a look at the video to see the learning being achieved.



Submitted by tawnyowl on Wednesday, May 22, 2019 - 20:20

Year 2 enjoyed a beautiful day in the woods today. We were joined by Sparrow (Mrs Benson) for the day, which was lovely for the children.

They helped to pick nettles to make nettle crisps and nettle tea. Most of the children tried the nettle crisps, and agreed they were quite tasty - and crispy, as well as slightly bristly!

Both groups enjoyed a game of Blindfold Caterpillar. They learned from last week the importance of communication and both groups demonstrated much better communication today, resulting in greater confidence and a sense of trust among the group.

A brown caterpillar joined Alice during Silent Spot. Tawny Owl has failed to identify the time of writing. Can anyone help? Alice was sat under an Oak tree (with a lime tree above that).

We watched the Blut-tits working very hard to keep their babies fed. Sadly at lunchtime we found a baby Coal-tit which had been injured. It was quite lively so Tawny Owl placed it carefully under the nearest hedge, hoping the parents might visit it and keep feeding it. Sadly later in the day we found it dead.

Hornbeam Group had time for a wonderful Silent Spot and really enjoyed a time of sitting silently in the sunshine. They were quite reluctant to return to the fire circle and remained calm until we returned to school.

Included here is also a photo of a piece of writing done by Alice about last week's session.

Bugs and Blindfold Caterpillars

Submitted by tawnyowl on Tuesday, May 21, 2019 - 16:57

Year 2 had a great day in the woods last week. Have a look at the video to see what they were up to.


Having Fun in the Forest - 16th May 2019

Submitted by tawnyowl on Tuesday, May 21, 2019 - 13:57

Year one each wrote a sentence about their session in the woods. As you can see, the dead squirrel was quite important in the day's activities!

I made a xylophone out of wood.

India and I made a den called Bumblebell Den and we went to sleep on our coats in the den.

I was digging a big hole.

I enjoyed pretending to plant seeds.

I happily waited for my turn for the fairy furniture.

Charlie, Noah and I played wood cutters.

Lucy and Pheobe and I were searching for worms.

Sebastian, twin Eveleyn and I found a dead squirrel and we dug a hole for the dead squirrel.

I finished off my den.

We started to make a xylophone and it was extremely fun.

We picked up a dead squirrel and we made a grave for the squirrel.

Ford and I cut down a dead tree.

Eevelyn and I were looking for bugs.

We found a dead squirrel and dug a hole in the ground.

I dug holes for sticks to go in.

I was smiling at the camera - cheese!

We made a caterpillar.

We had fun in the forest and we tried to take a small dead tree down . The sawdust got in my eye!

Jesse and I sharpened wood.

I loved getting the sawdust off the tree.

At the bird watching area, I watched Greta-Tits, Robins, Blue-tits and sparrows eat the bird feed from the feeder.

I made a den called Hazel with Flo, Tara and India.

I made a face of me on a keyring.

I added more fairy furniture for the fairies.

Joseph, Leonie, Rupert and I were bird watching in the bird watching area and we saw a Blue-tit and a Great-tit.

Leonie, Freddie and I were  bird watching near the bird area.

We found a dead squirrel and we buried it.

I went in my den with Amelia and Molly.

Charlie, Leon and I played pirates.

We listened to Tawny Owl.

Harrison, leinie and I made a den and sticks for a fire.

I liked exploring because I found lots of bugs.

Flo, Amelia, Amelia and I enjoyed making a den.

Foraging and Browsing Like Deer

Submitted by tawnyowl on Tuesday, May 14, 2019 - 16:24

Year one enjoyed another busy day in the woods on Thursday. There was bug hunting, foraging, browsing, tool work, bird watching and shelter building, among other things.

The learning achieved was incredible.

The children learned about safe foraging - and tasted Beech and Lime leaves...straight from the tree like deer. They learned how to begin to identify trees by looking at the differences between the leaves and bark. One little boy was heard to say back at school on Tuesday afternoon that he wished there was a Beech tree around because he was a little hungry!

We were unable to spend a lot of time in the tool area as it kept raining quite heavily. However, we did begin a project making a large musical instrument, which we hope to finish next week, along with the fairy furniture which some of the children are making.

The children continue to be fascinated by all the minibeasts they find: this week there were worms, centipedes, beetles, slugs, ladybirds and Joseph W is becoming a great birder - identifying Blue-Tits, Chiff-Chaff, Great Tits and Wren.

Have a look at the video to see a taste of the activties. There are also a few photos of some of the children's writing.

Year 2 Mudlarks

Submitted by tawnyowl on Wednesday, May 8, 2019 - 18:56

What a wet morning! There were no organised activities on offer in the woods today as everything was very wet!

However, as you will see from the photos and video below, most children entered into the spirit of things - even if they just enjoyed the spectacle of some very muddy friends!

They learned about wearing the correct clothing for the weather, some learned how it feels to wear the wrong clothing. They also learned that it is OK to have fun, and get messy without adults becoming upset. They learned how to manage themselves in getting out of wet and muddy clothing. Independence is key in Forest School and as an important skill in growing up.

Another advantage today was that children learned how to manage their feelings when they were really uncomfortable; nobody forced them to get onto the mudslide!

Alder Group were more fortunate with the weather - they enjoyed making swings, running around and sitting chatting with friends.


Nature Notes and Fairy Furniture

Submitted by tawnyowl on Tuesday, May 7, 2019 - 14:31

Year One had another busy day in the woods last week.

They played with their friends and enjoyed using tools to make fairy furniture.


Year One Nature Notes - 25th April 2019

Submitted by tawnyowl on Friday, May 3, 2019 - 16:24

We have taken a few days to put this together and find time to post it, but please look at what year one have been learning about. They really took their classroom learning outside and into the woods last week.

They astonished all the adults with what they had learned and remembered! The vocabulary they are using is amazing - mesmerising in fact!


Ash Trees and Bumble Bees

Submitted by tawnyowl on Friday, May 3, 2019 - 15:26

Year 2 enjoyed a sunny day in the woods on Wednesday.

Hornbeam Group enjoyed watching the Morris men before we left for the woods so had a shorter session today. However, they immediately got involved with their learning as soon as they arrived in the woods. Some tackled the challenge of making Bumble Bees with Tawny Owl and Wren - they were really fiddly but the children soon got to grips with tying a half-hitch and were really pleased with their creations. Tyler took his learning a little further by using tiny balls of clay to make eyes for his Bumble Bee. The children had to use lots of patience and find motor skills to be successful. We hung them in a Lime tree; nearly a swarm!

Another group spent time with Chestnut planting on some of the Ash seedlings growing in the fire circle. It took gentle handling to get them out of the ground without damaging the roots and planting them in a mixture of woodland soil and compost. The morning ended with a group of children enjoying a game of 'Ladybirds and Bumble Bees'. The children were really mature about taking turns, both to play and when using their strategy to win against each other.

Alder Group were offered the same activities but they took the decision to lead their own learning. Some did a little bug hunting. As the children were learning independently of the adults, Buzzard took the opportunity to help by cutting and splitting wood for the log shed, while Chestnut, Wren and Tawny Owl created a little willow structure form the willow left over in the autumn from the screen created by years 3 and 4 around the tree bog. The willow had grown amazing roots and we had to dig a very deep hole to try and incorporate all the roots. Some had to be left to shrivel. 



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