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Congratulations on Arts Award Achievement!

Submitted by headteacher on Sunday, June 2, 2019 - 20:48

Since September, ten Year 5 students have been working incredibly hard to obtain their Arts Award Explore Certificate. From performing in the production of Twelfth Night, exploring a number of artists and creating their own artistic masterpiece to developing their creative writing and designing their own dragon, all children developed their work within the arts. We are delighted to announce that, after a very successful moderation, all children have obtained their Arts Award Explore! We are very proud of you all. Well done to everyone involved! 

Easter Service

Submitted by classr on Saturday, April 27, 2019 - 12:31

For those of you unable to join us in the Church for the Easter Service, have a watch of our contribution!  


Arts Festival March 2019

Submitted by headteacher on Friday, April 5, 2019 - 00:21

What can I say! What a wonderful evening was had by all on Wednesday 3rd April at our fourth Arts Festival. Our school motto is 'Enjoy Achieve Together' and this event certainly was an example of this. It was so lovely to see the whole school community, parents, children, governors and of course the stars of the show 'children' coming together to provide an evening of entertainment, fun, laughter and celebration. This year the event was opened by a spectacular performance from  our Year 1 drummers - they certainly set the bar high! This was then followed by a showcase of a wide range of talent by children from the full breadth of the school, Emily Mckay returned to the stage reciting Roald Dahl's Dirty Beasts The Cow, as did Mr Golledge (a music producer and teacher and parent) and there was a surprise appearance from Batman! All the acts received a rapturous applause from a full house of performer's family, friends and members of staff. The evenings proceedings were masterfully led by the schools Arts Council as the audience enjoyed performances ranging from instrumental performances to modern dance, to poetry recitals, to the school Choir and not forgetting a final staff performance in the form of the Spice Girls (and a Boy) . Thank you also to the PTFA for providing  refreshments, indeed the evening was a truly magnificent affair, with children and parents beaming from ear to ear. 

Don't worry if you missed it, click on the video to see a snapshot. Mr Thompson (who works for the BBC!) is busy editing the full video which we will post later.

Alongside the celebration we made a presentation of "The Lindsay Roberts Arts Award" this year it was in recognition of how performing arts have helped a pupil at our school  be able to better express herself. 

"The arts enrich our lives and give us the opportunity to create, achieve and be successful. There are so many health benefits from performing dance, singing, acting, playing an instrument, writing poetry, drawing, painting and making things. This can be particularly evident when someone/ a child finds it difficult to communicate and access the more structured, usual forms of learning and communicating.  

Together these art forms help develop motor skills, social skills, body awareness, cooperation, confidence, calm anxiety, improve motor skills, pencil control, communication, expression of emotion and they enhance creativity which is so important in our modern world.   

This little girl loves the arts, in particular, dance, singing, drawing and painting. There is always a smile on her face and you can see her enjoyment as she takes part in a dance class, gets time to colour or paint and singing. Her happiness flows out of her! These arts have helped her to gain more control of her body, helped her with her writing, calmed any anxieties, aided in communication, given her, her own unique voice. We have seen her grow through the arts and it’s a big part of her life."

Congratulations to Rebecca Page who was awarded the "Lindsay Roberts" Arts Award for 2019. 

Thank you to all of the children involved, to the school Arts Council and Mrs Clewes, to all the staff who supported the event and Mrs Plewes and Mrs Morris who were the driving force behind this very successful celebration of the Arts. 

Thank you for your continued support.



DT and Art challenge

Submitted by headteacher on Sunday, January 27, 2019 - 20:28

On Wednesday 23rd January, Zebra Class were invited to attend a DT and Art workshop, along with Mrs Benson and Miss Wilkins, at St Ronan’s School. The children were given the knowledge, skills and amazing resources to create incredible Harry Potter wands and wand boxes all by themselves. It was an exciting, challenging, creative, messy and fun experience for all. 

I received this email from St. Ronan's:

"The children were a credit to you, so beautifully behaved and such lovely manners, lots of staff have commented. Thank you for bringing them to us; same time next year?"

Well done to all the children and thank you to St. Ronan's, Mrs Benson and Mrs Wilkins for organising the trip.

Our First Vegetable Harvest

Submitted by tawnyowl on Tuesday, November 27, 2018 - 19:10

Year 4 enjoyed time gardening and playing in the woods during this session.

Have a look and see what they were up to.


Fun in the Rain

Submitted by tawnyowl on Wednesday, November 7, 2018 - 19:48

Have a look at the video to get a taste of what went on in the woods today.


Cave painting in leopards class!

Submitted by class3 on Thursday, November 1, 2018 - 16:34

We had great fun today creating art in the style of stone age cave paintings. 

We began by crushing pigments with a rock, just as cavemen would have done, then used paintbrushes and stensils to paint animals and early hunters. We had great fun going under the tables and painting just like those Stone Age people thousands of years ago, doing their paintings on the ceiling!

We even made hand stensils, but instead of blowing paint through a reed, we just used a spray bottle!

Rabbit Visits Us in the Woods

Submitted by tawnyowl on Wednesday, October 17, 2018 - 20:03

Rabbit returned to the woods today, and set to work helping cut wood for the log shed. The children also worked hard, either cutting, or splitting wood, or completing the digging of the trench for the willow. Others created a beautiful piece of rainbow art using leaves they found around the woods. The children enjoyed tree climbing and generating their own games. Holly group enjoyed a Silent Spot and considered what they had learned. Chestnut group ended the afternoon by considering things for which they were grateful; they came up with some very moving thoughts.

After half-term, the groups swap round and Holly Group requested that we cook chestnuts over the fire and play conkers, while Chestnut Group wish to do firestriking.

No Pens Day

Submitted by class2 on Wednesday, October 3, 2018 - 16:06

We have had a wondeful day today - and all the pencils remained in pots and in pencil cases!  Have a look at our collage to see what we have been getting up to!  I think No Pens day was a successful and we will definately do it again....

No Pens Day Wednesday

Submitted by class3 on Wednesday, October 3, 2018 - 16:00

Today, year 3 took part in no pens day Wednesday. This is a day suggested by the communication trust to improve speech and language within schools. We began our day with making videos/presentations showing how to do column method addition for our maths lesson. This really encourages children to think about what they are doing, and the best way to learn is to teach it to someone else!

Next, we looked at breaking a word up into its individual syllables to learn how to spell them correctly. We used some of the year 3 statutory words as these can be quite tricky. Within no time, most of the class could spell long words like accidentally!

Before lunch we then did some shared writing, where each child would think of the next part of a story, and Mrs Wyatt typed it up for us. It was great to see how we can use our imagination and listening skills to add extra details to a story.

After lunch we did art and PE - two things that don't need pens! But in P.E we tried to better our communication skills by playing a team game.


A wonderful day all round - we'd love to do it again!


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