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Changes happening in the woods

Submitted by tawnyowl on Wednesday, September 19, 2018 - 16:39

Year 4 enjoyed a varied day in the woods today. As on Monday, we were camped at the other end of the woods – now aptly named ‘Plan B’ by Sam.

We spent a while on arrival ensuring that everyone knew about the new, temporary boundaries which had been put into place as Fernshire Tree Services (Rob Twyman and friends) were busy clearing the dangerous trees today. We heard lots of chainsaw noise over the rustle of the trees (it was a little windy today, but not too windy fortunately).

The children then enjoyed free learning time. The activities were varied – some made shelters for animals, shelters for themselves and the wolves, there was a game involving lots of recall of the facts about WWI (this contained a lot of negotiation and discussion about rules of the game), one group made a rainbow stick using lots of different coloured leaves which was beautiful. Chestnut Group welcomed Phoebe and Tyler who enjoyed looking for chestnuts and insects. The minibeasts they found included a stripy snail, centipede and spider. One group also found a tiny Toad.

Holly group played a game of Plant Duplication which involved Tawny Owl revealing some leaves for the children to look at (which dragonfly had collected earlier in the session), and then she covered them up. In groups, the children then went off to see if they could find a leaf from the same species of tree. They did really well, but realised that they needed to look really closely at the leaves e.g. several groups found Ash leaves and thought they were the same as Rowan, so realised when they looked closely that the leaves of Rowan are serrated, darker and smaller than Ash leaves.

The sessions today were happy and calm, in spite of the fact that it was a little windy on the other side of the hill.

At the end of each session, Tawny Owl walked the children carefully to our Stump Central area (having checked and agreed a time with the tree surgeon), so the children could see the changes. Holly group could not see Stump Central at all, there was so much brash around. However, by 2.45pm, this had been almost cleared. It has made the area so much lighter. We can’t wait for it to be finished.

Have a look at the gallery on the year 4 pages for more pictures.

Woven Willow Tipis and Plant Printing

Submitted by tawnyowl on Thursday, September 13, 2018 - 16:43

We had a beautiful day today for Forest School; the sun shone and everyone was relaxed.

Each group began with a game of Palm Tag – interestingly, Willow Group really entered into the spirit of the game, while Field Maple Group seemed a little bit weary and less enthusiastic.

As we held Forest School on the school site again today, there was a choice of activities to participate in. We had a group making another willow woven tipi with mud walls, while others had a go at leaf sewing and made some mobiles. Cuckoo and Wren led very successful plant printing sessions – do have a look at the photos to see the results. We will be displaying them in school in the near future, so keep an eye open. The children found Mountain Ash berries, Blackberries, Dogwood berries as well as leaves to brighten up their printing.

Again, Wren worked her magic in the garden with the children, clearing more of the raised beds ready for autumn planting. Lots of invertebrates were found in the soil: worms, centipedes, woodlice, ants, slugs etc. She noted how gentle the children were with the creatures, which was lovely to observe. Be sure to notice the changes to the gardens as we go into the autumn, and appreciate the hard work which is going into providing lots of interest. They also planted some carrot seed in tubs in the green house to watch alongside the Radishes planted by year 4 yesterday.

The learning today was amazing. The children had to be vigilant and agile to be successful at Palm Tag, and patient and resilient while making the woven tipi. There was also some excellent team work and children were seen and heard helping each other. Many in the group learned that if things do not go right the first time of trying, then having another go often results in success.

Noah and Evie earned themselves Environmental stickers for spontaneously collecting litter while we were outside.

Everyone was pleased with their creations and several children experienced getting their hands muddy for the first time. Some really enjoyed it while others weren’t too sure.

We hope to be in the woods next week, but we will let everyone know.

There are more photos on the website in the Year 3 Gallery.

Sports Day and Open afternoon 2017

Submitted by headteacher on Monday, July 17, 2017 - 13:07
Sports day took place on Friday morning and weren't we lucky with the weather! Well done to Scotney who won KS1 and KS2 cups. Indeed well done to all the children who took part. It was a fabulous morning enjoyed by everyone. Thank you to you the parents for your support, the PTFA for the refreshments and of course to the staff but particularly Mrs Mileham for organising us all! 
A special thank you must also go to Ellie Stanford who took all these lovely photos and Tescos for providing each child with a piece of fruit.

Parents and family members then visited the school in the afternoon to celebrate all that the children have achieved throughout the year. I felt very proud, there was a real buzz in the school, a sense of community and a feeling of success! It was also wonderful to see so many people, the school looked amazing thank you to all the staff and children for their hard work and thank you to you for your interest and support.

Arts Festival

Submitted by headteacher on Sunday, June 19, 2016 - 14:41

On the evening Thursday 15th June, our newly formed Arts Council together with Ms Lane and Mrs Donoghue, proudly presented our first Arts Festival. Ms Lane joined the school in January 2014, she herself attended the Royal Guildhall of music and is an accomplished Clarinetist! Between us we have been planning organising this event over the last couple of years and I am delighted it has now finally been born. Indeed it was an amazing evening, one to watch out for next year as it will be an annual event! At the end of the evening Ms Lane announced:

"This year we have been proud to bring you a celebration of the Arts. Alongside this celebration we would like to make a presentation acknowledging the outstanding contribution to the Arts by one of our children. The Lindsay Roberts Arts Award recognises talent, commitment and aspiration towards achievement in the Arts, be it at performance level of something someone has simply done for joy.

The recipient of this award has been a committed musician since the age of 2. They have hands in many musical pots; a Cellist, a Singer and a Cornetist. They dedicate daily practice sessions to their instruments of choice as well as time at the weekend participating in their local Colour Strings Group. In their recent Grade 3 Cello exam they were awarded a high merit. They have performed numerous solos as part of the school choir  and have been invited to become a member of the Cranbrook Town Brass Band. This person is also a budding actress, recently awarded a distinction in her LAMDA Grade 1 exam, she is part of the Italia Conti theatre group in Tunbridge Wells and the East Sutton Community Youth Centre. Currently, she is part of our School Arts Council and we very much look forward to seeing her name up in lights. Congratulations on your Music Scholarship to Sutton Valence, Martha Tatnel."

If you missed the event don't worry you can watch this video to get a feel of evening:

Well done to all the children who performed and produced wonderful art work for the event, the staff, the children who helped with the lighting and sound, the PTFA for serving refreshments and of course to you the parents who continue to support your children and the school. I am looking forward to next year already! Click here to look at the gallery.


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