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Citizenship & Safeguarding

In brief...

Our school vision is focused on developing our children so that they grow up to be responsible, resilient and independent adults.  We feel we have an important role to play in teaching the skills and capabilities children need for life, not just for their time in education.


In more detail...

Our Citizenship Responsibilities
As educators of children, the future generation, we take our responsibilities for encouraging them to be good citizens seriously.  Embedded throughout our curriculum and supported by our school value set and Church school ethos, we teach our children about the geographical, historical and social aspects of the local environment and the world in which they live and give children the confidence to ask questions and develop critical thinking skills.  We actively encourage children to use these skills in school whether working on a topic in the classroom, watching breaking news on the interactive whiteboards or participating in an assembly.  We aim to make sure our children are aware of the wider-world and have a sense of their role in the local and wider community that they will keep for life. 

British Values are embedded in everything we do and as a school we act as good global citizens in various ways including through our support of charities by regularly organising collections, cake sales or other initiatives, many of which are initiated by the children.  Each year, through the support of our children and their families, thousands of pounds are donated to worthy causes and this is something we are very proud of.   Please click on the link to read our British Values Policy.

Our Safeguarding Responsibilities
It is one of the school’s beliefs that children learn well and develop as individuals when they feel safe secure and happy and our safeguarding work is concerned with protecting all of our children from harm.  The term safeguarding is wide-ranging in nature and extends from ensuring that we have health and safety policies in place within the school and the grounds and that we adhere to them responding to any issues promptly, to the recruitment of staff and volunteers and ensuring that they have been subject to a DBS check (Disclosure and Barring Services, formerly Criminal Records Bureau). Our safeguarding extends through the PSHE subject of the National Curriculum (Personal, Social, Health & Economic Education) where children are introduced to topics such as Drugs, Alcohol, Sex and Relationships, Stranger Danger, and e-Safety issues at age-appropriate times. Children are encouraged to explore and discuss these issues in their class environment with their peers.  Crucially, safeguarding is also concerned with providing a school environment where children feel secure and are respected, where children are encouraged to talk and are listened to, to allow children to develop a feeling of trust and build the life skills that will keep them safe - for life.