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Year 2 in the Sunshine

Submitted by tawnyowl on Wednesday, April 24, 2019 - 16:16

Year 2 in the Sunshine

Year 2 enjoyed their first session in the woods today. Spring has well and truly joined us – the birds were singing and the bluebells are beautiful. There is a crop of young trees growing in the fire circle – we think they are Ash but we are going to plant some up into pots and grow them on to see how they grow.

The willow which was planted by Years 3 and 4 in the Autumn Term is growing well now and hopefully will provide a good screen for the Treebog in the not too distant future.

There are Great Tits nesting in one of the boxes made by the Magpie Group and Year 5 and some Blue-tits nesting in the YR ‘Silver Birch’ nest box. We are also aware of several other nests which are appearing up in the trees.

The weather was generally better than we had expected.

Hornbeam Group spent the morning exploring the area and enjoyed picking nettles and drinking nettle tea. Alder Group were less enthusiastic about nettle tea.

Both groups found lots of minibeasts out and about. They found millipedes, woodlice, beetles, centipedes, shield bug, a beetle larva, a stripy snail and a particularly special green caterpillar which was like the Inchworm measuring one of the children’s shoulder! We also saw several butterflies: Orange Tips, and various Whites. Tawny Owl has also included a photo of a Bee Fly she spotted during the holiday in the woods.

Alder group were helpful in cutting and storing wood for the woodshed.

Both groups enjoyed Silent Spot – we heard Wrens, Chiff-Chaff, and Blue-tits.

Tawny Owl spotted a Marsh Tit while she was in the woods on her own early in the day.

Tawny Owl set up a camera trap a few weeks ago - have a look at the little clips of night life in the woods.



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