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Woodland Pixies

Submitted by tawnyowl on Thursday, June 7, 2018 - 21:13

A busy day for year 2 today.

Many children and adults enjoyed making Woodland Pixies. Ratty had a little 'whoopsie' with a very sharp knife, and ended up visiting Dr Watson who stitched her up! Goldcrest and Tawny Owl were really impressed with how quickly it was all sorted out - they were there and back in just over half an hour! However, the children were very careful, and Charlie was very adept at using his scout knife and Tawny Owl taught him how to do a push cut so he could make a hat for his Pixie.

We welcomed Oak to our Forest School for the first time this afternoon, and although he found the sitting stumps rather small, seemed to enjoy himself.

Willow group began their session with Silent Spot, and we are sure Goldcrest took the opportunity for a wee nap!

There was lots of mud play, and both groups spent time fascinated by a dead rabbit.

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