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Woodland Helpers

Submitted by tawnyowl on Thursday, May 17, 2018 - 20:19

Year 2 had a great day in the sunshine today. It was cool in the woods but the children experienced fox walking with their socks and boots off, and then used this skill when they had their Silent Spot time. They also found their tree, and were really adept at remembering the facts about the tree.

Willow group worked hard to contribute to the management of the woodland; continuing the task of building the bridge, and Henry and Noah showed amazing strength when Mr Stanford turned up with a new bale of straw for the treebog. They carried it on their own all the way down the footpath; they earned themselves an extra biscuit. Well done boys!

The birds sang continually and when Tawny Owl returned to the wood after school to finish tidying up, she heard a cuckoo! The first she had heard this year in our woodland; she has heards it at school. Both groups were able to watch a tree creeper while they sat in Stump Central, and our buzzard spent a lot of time flying low over the wood  and calling.



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