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What a week for running

Submitted by sporto on Saturday, November 11, 2017 - 13:44

What a week for running!!!!

This week our cross country runners entered 2 events. The WOKSSA festival at Cranbrook Rugby Club and the inaugural Run 4 Life event run by the Kent School Games team at Dunlornan Park. Both events were a huge success for us and also prove how much impact out Mile A day and Super Mile are having on our pupils.

We were very dominant at both events with top ten finishes in all the races that we entered.


WOKSSA results:

We won the overall first place trophy for years 3 & 4

Year 3 girls, Bella Barstow – 2nd

Year 3 boys - Leon Sherwin - 2nd

Year 4 girls – Lily Hughes -1st, Emilia Hope – 3rd

Year 4 boys – Luke – 2nd,

Year 5 boys – Boris Gallacher – 3rd

Year 5 Girls – Poppy Hensey – 1st, Fifi Tineo Chapman – 3rd

It was a rather wet and gloomy afternoon at Cranbrook Rugby Club but none of the children seemed to notice this!!!



Run 4 Life results:

KS1 Boys – Gus Tuson – 2nd

KS2 girls – Savvy Barker – 2nd, Eva Weekes – 3rd

Year 3 & 4 boys – Luke Draper – 1st, Cayden Barker – 3rd

Year 3 & 4 girls – Lily Hughes – 1st, Anna Dennis – 3rd

Year  5 & 6 – Poppy Hensey – 1st, Sophie Butler – 2nd

The weather was dryer and the children had an amazing time running around Dunlornan park.

A huge thank you to the many parents who brought along our 42 strong squad and delivered then back to school. Thank you too for walking the route with them and for helping out the organisers out by standing in strategic points on the route.

Thank you to Sarah Newton and Gemma Hughes for bringing me hot drinks!













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