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What a busy day!

Submitted by tawnyowl on Thursday, June 14, 2018 - 19:36

Year 2 had a fabulous day in the woods today. We welcomed Henry to Field maple Group; the children very quickly explained how we keep ourselves safe and Beau and Toby kindly showed him and Mighty Oak around our area. The children then settled to some very creative play. One group made an amazing bug hotel, with a clay roof and roof garden! Several of the children enjoyed using scout knives to make spears. This demonstrated how sensible this class is - they focussed really well and engaged in some really deep learning.

Blossom and Ratty (who steered clear of knives today!) made a beautiful woodland chandelier.

Willow group continued with some fabulous play. We have been concentrating on building resilience amongst other skills and this was demonstrated this afternoon when Eva fell part of the way down a tree. Tawny Owl and Goldcrest witnessed amazing friendship as her friends encouraged her down and showed sympathy without fussing. Eva herself was so very brave - she had a nasty graze on her tummy but allowed Tawny Owl to clean it without a fuss; helped by her friends again.

More importantly, Eva 'picked herself up' and didn't allow her scrape to ruin her afternoon - she carried on with her play without grumbling. Well done Eva, we are so proud of you!

Both groups spent a short time being mindful and thinking about blessings - they sat very still and quiet; we were very impressed. After this time, we went round the circle saying one thing for which we grateful. The adults were so impressed with the mature ideas they came up with. Well done year 2!

Have a look at the photos in the class gallery as well as the ones here.

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