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Tree Spirits and Big Adventures

Submitted by tawnyowl on Thursday, June 28, 2018 - 20:03

Year 2 were very lucky to be in the woods today - it was cool and calm. Field Maple group enjoyed meeting trees and making tree spirits. They then had time to play freely. A lot of time was spent beside or in the stream. Our little group of archaeologists had to think carefully about safety as the children began bringing back some quite interesting bits of metalwork which they had found in the stream, but Tawny Owl became concerned about sharp edges and rust, so the children sensibly changed their play to ensure everyone was safe.

Willow group also enjoyed the stream but went on a BIG adventure to the other end of the wood; following the route of the stream. Again, the children came across some potentially dangerous metalwork, but they had a wonderful time leading their own learning, and arrived back in Stump Central very hot and grubby, but happy and safe. It was wonderful to feel that our children are resilient and confident enough to take themselves on such an adventure and remember how to keep themselves and others safe.

Children in both groups also spent time in the tool area learning about safe use of scout knives. It was lovely to see the children so focussed on their learning - and listening well to the instructions.

Henry 1 needs to be mentioned particularly today as when tidying up, we were missing a couple of soft toys, but he made a concerted effort to find them, with success. Well done, and thank you Henry!

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