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Stone Age Day

Submitted by class3 on Monday, November 5, 2018 - 16:47

Today Year 3 had an amazing day as little Stone Age people! We began the day marveling at each other's outfits; whether handmade or bought they were all incredible! We learnt all about the chronology of the Stone Age and just how VAST it is. We did lots of role-play with Mr Victrix and learnt all sorts of gruesome facts - like how people would pick bones clean. We found out about hunter-gatherers and even had a go and hunting a dear... or at least another child with dear antlers on!

We always love our time with Mr Victrix, but today was definitely one to remember. 

After a jam-packed morning, full of learning and fun role play, we had a full afternoon of craft activities. We made Stonehenges out of salt-dough which we mixed and coloured ourselves; we made bone necklaces and arrowheads using the same dough and Mrs Khan and Miss Liles took it in turn to microwave them so that they dry out and become hard straight away; we did some 'flint knapping' but replaced the hammer stone and flint with knives and soap; and finally, we used our javelins to try and hunt a mammoth!

A wonderful day all round - lots of learning and lots of fun!

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