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Sneezing Dragons and Shelters

Submitted by tawnyowl on Wednesday, June 20, 2018 - 17:10

Year four enjoyed a wonderful sunny day in the woods today. Both groups began with a time of reflection and thought – Birch Group used their fox walking into the woods, and then set up the area. We then took off our socks and shoes and continued fox walking around the area in silence. On Tawny Owl’s final ring, we took off our ‘cloaks of silence’ and shared the things we were grateful for.

The children then settled to their own learning. Some used ‘sneezing dragons’ – all very easy now, so they were set the challenge of finding tinder within the woods to see if they could find the right material. Tawny Owl worked in the tool area with children – either working on kazoos, or whittling sticks. The children are becoming quite competent now and most are able to remove their own knives from the sheath safely. Some need a little more support yet, but everyone worked really hard and everyone felt proud of the results. For those who got as far as putting their 'reed' into their kazoo, they learned how to tie a clove hitch, and also to identify safe plants to put in their kazoo.

The stream was a popular attraction today, and Larch group planted their second Oak tree. They all knew what was needed to help it grow healthily and chose a spot in the middle of our area.

Wren (Mrs Mitchell) joined us in the woods for most of the day, as she wished to see what we get up to. She was really skilled at using the bow saw – cutting some timber for the log shed. Thank you Wren! Hopefully, we will cook next time you visit. Miranda and Sarida also worked as team to help. Thank you, girls.

Some of Birch group built an amazing shelter (with a rug/bed and attic), which we tested to see if it was waterproof. There was only one leak!

Larch group finished their session with a game of Name Game. House points were awarded for correct identification of an Ash tree and a Sweet Chestnut tree. Harley learned the difference between a Mountain Ash or Rowan and Ash, we also mentioned Horse Chestnut and Anna now knows how to identify a Beech tree.

A great day of learning. Everyone returned to school hot and happy.

Take a look at the class gallery for more photos.

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