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Making Fruit Juice!

Submitted by class3 on Tuesday, November 13, 2018 - 16:42

Today, Year 3 had a great afternoon making Fruit juice!

We started off by building on our knowledge of seasonal fruits, and learnt about what kinds of fruits are native to Britain, rather than those that are imported from other countries. We researched, and found out why different foods are healthy for us. Based on this, we picked three ingredients to add to our fruit juice.

We 'mashed' our fruit, just like stone age people would have done, with a pestle and mortar, potato mashers, meat mallet and rolling pins - some equipment is more authentically Stone Age than others! Some of us added honey, as we found out that Stone Age people would go to great lengths to get honey from hives.

To make it in to fruit juice, we then added a little water or cranberry juice.

We had a wonderful time and the children thought that their creations were delicious - or as Max put it - 'paradise!'

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