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Leaf Skeleton Fish

Submitted by tawnyowl on Friday, October 12, 2018 - 10:00

A wonderful day in the woods today – the sun shone, the birds sang and everyone settled quickly to their tasks following our usual reminder about hazards and how we keep ourselves safe. Tawny Owl requested that the children do not go to the stream at the moment as there is still a lot of timber lying around following the felling of the unsafe trees.  We will hold a working party day very soon, so hopefully a team of adults will help to stack up this wood to create small creature habitats.

The children enjoyed working on the trench we have begun so we can plant a willow screen around the tree bog, others were very helpful to Wren who continued to work on the new Tippy Tap structures.

The camp in the Guelder Rose which was started while we were at ‘Plan B’ was added to and enjoyed by several groups of children who enjoyed learning away from the main area.  Some children began making new structures using some of the brash from the tree felling.

All the children and some of the adults became very good at making leaf skeletons from fallen sweet chestnut leaves. The children also loved making paths through the dry, crunchy leaves and piling them up to make soft beds to jump and lie on.

Today was a busy day and everyone played hard, developing their gross motor skills, building their strength, developing patience and persistence, working on their speaking and listening while really enjoying their outdoor learning.

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