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Having Fun in the Forest - 16th May 2019

Submitted by tawnyowl on Tuesday, May 21, 2019 - 13:57

Year one each wrote a sentence about their session in the woods. As you can see, the dead squirrel was quite important in the day's activities!

I made a xylophone out of wood.

India and I made a den called Bumblebell Den and we went to sleep on our coats in the den.

I was digging a big hole.

I enjoyed pretending to plant seeds.

I happily waited for my turn for the fairy furniture.

Charlie, Noah and I played wood cutters.

Lucy and Pheobe and I were searching for worms.

Sebastian, twin Eveleyn and I found a dead squirrel and we dug a hole for the dead squirrel.

I finished off my den.

We started to make a xylophone and it was extremely fun.

We picked up a dead squirrel and we made a grave for the squirrel.

Ford and I cut down a dead tree.

Eevelyn and I were looking for bugs.

We found a dead squirrel and dug a hole in the ground.

I dug holes for sticks to go in.

I was smiling at the camera - cheese!

We made a caterpillar.

We had fun in the forest and we tried to take a small dead tree down . The sawdust got in my eye!

Jesse and I sharpened wood.

I loved getting the sawdust off the tree.

At the bird watching area, I watched Greta-Tits, Robins, Blue-tits and sparrows eat the bird feed from the feeder.

I made a den called Hazel with Flo, Tara and India.

I made a face of me on a keyring.

I added more fairy furniture for the fairies.

Joseph, Leonie, Rupert and I were bird watching in the bird watching area and we saw a Blue-tit and a Great-tit.

Leonie, Freddie and I were  bird watching near the bird area.

We found a dead squirrel and we buried it.

I went in my den with Amelia and Molly.

Charlie, Leon and I played pirates.

We listened to Tawny Owl.

Harrison, leinie and I made a den and sticks for a fire.

I liked exploring because I found lots of bugs.

Flo, Amelia, Amelia and I enjoyed making a den.

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