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Fun in the Forest

Submitted by class2 on Thursday, September 28, 2017 - 14:21

In Forest School we had hot chocolate built bridges and made necklaces. We made the necklaces out of conkers and string. We boiled the water by putting a kettle above the fire on a tripod. We put the hot chocolate powder in a big jug, and poured the water into the jug, stirred it and poured it out into cups and drank it. We enjoyed sitting by the fire and watching the smoke and it went up to the sunshine. Some of us played armies running down and up by the stream. Using some of the wonderful colourful leaves in the woods we were able to make a beautiful coloured leaf pattern which was meant to be a pattern for a garden for the bugs. We made a bridge out of thick and thin sticks and it was tested by Eagle and he didn't fall into the stream!

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