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Fun and Games

Submitted by tawnyowl on Tuesday, June 12, 2018 - 21:16

A day of games today. Birch group enjoyed two games organised by the children themselves today. After setting up the forest school area themselves, followed by a little free time to direct their own learning, Violet and Miranda organised the whole group for a game of Crossing the Swamp. Even though this is not the first time they have played the game, they needed to re-learn that it is not necessarily the fastest team which is the most successful. Tawny Owl and Lopophorus gave additional points for co-operation and consideration, as well as removing points for being unco-operative, inconsiderate or impatient. The final score was very close!

Later in the session, Jack ably organised a game of manhunt, which the whole group enjoyed. It was lovely to see the development of cohesion within the group. Larch Group welcomed Mrs Mitchell today - her first ever session of Forest School; it was left a little late to consider a Forest School name, but next time she joins us, this will be a priority. They enjoyed refreshing their memories of fire striking; in particular the feelings of frustration, followed by pleasure and pride at success. Those who were disappointed, or did not have time to have their turn, have put their names down to try again next week. An excellent lesson in perseverance, resilience and patience.

As you may have noticed from the pictures, Birch group found the remains of a badger which provided much discussion; this may have been the source of the awful smell which lingered a few weeks ago, although we decided it had been moved from where the smell was.

Tawny Owl began each session reminding the children about keeping themselves safe from 'nasty biting beasties' - she showed the children examples of different insect repellents; all safe for use by children.

Larch Group finished their afternoon with a game of 'Electric Shock' - they were not terribly successful at being able to control their 'twitchiness' and need more practise!

Look at the class gallery for more photos of today - including a picture of the dead badger!

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