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Freezing Forest School

Submitted by class2 on Friday, December 1, 2017 - 11:56

It snowed! We all danced around and got very excited. It was very icy and the snow landed on our noses, making them feel cold and tickly. When the snow came down we ran to Stump Central while shouting "It's snowing!"

We were all freezing in the woods today, due to our poor choice of clothing; so we warmed up by running around, collecting and sawing wood and carrying the timber back to Stump Central for firewood.

I learnt that making a sword and doing 'Jumping Jacks' when you're very cold will warm you up. (Kalel)

Some of Whitebeam Group and I explored by the stream and found beautiful and amazing places I had never seen before. (Farah)

We found we had too much dead wood in our den taking up space, so we ran through the dead wood to make more room. We used the dead wood to make a wall to guard the master bedroom and prevent animals entering.

I found out how to structure a den and work as a team. (Finley)

We even sang songs (not in an American accent) which had the adults 'in stitches'.

I learnt that the wood has lots more to it than just what we can see from Stump Central, as we went to collect timber for firewood. (Gemma)

I learnt how to identify and collect timber from a dead tree. (Jack)

I learnt that you don't have to have two people carrying timber if you leave the heavy end on the ground and drag it by the lighter end. (Ellie-Marie)

Fifi, Dorie and I learnt to work together more by helping Fifi with her Christmas tree. (Evie)

I learnt that if you stay still you will be cold. If you run you will be warm. (Harrison)

I discovered how to make different things using my imagination. (Naomi)

I discovered that if you have a problem you need to communicate by listening, speaking and solving the issue. (Lucy)

At Forest School I was taught how to create all the lovely Christmassy bits, like snowmen, reindeer and lots more. (Lauren)

I learnt how to be patient making snowmen out of wood, particularly while using a palm drill, which was hard. (Anthony)

At Forest School I learnt how to make place holders and Christmas trees, and I needed to use all my patience and perseverance. (Gracie)

At the end we sat round the fire circle drinking yummy hot chocolate and crunching on biscuits.

With red noses we walked up the hill to say goodbye to the lovely sweet snow.


They look very chilly.

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