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Foraging and Browsing Like Deer

Submitted by tawnyowl on Tuesday, May 14, 2019 - 16:24

Year one enjoyed another busy day in the woods on Thursday. There was bug hunting, foraging, browsing, tool work, bird watching and shelter building, among other things.

The learning achieved was incredible.

The children learned about safe foraging - and tasted Beech and Lime leaves...straight from the tree like deer. They learned how to begin to identify trees by looking at the differences between the leaves and bark. One little boy was heard to say back at school on Tuesday afternoon that he wished there was a Beech tree around because he was a little hungry!

We were unable to spend a lot of time in the tool area as it kept raining quite heavily. However, we did begin a project making a large musical instrument, which we hope to finish next week, along with the fairy furniture which some of the children are making.

The children continue to be fascinated by all the minibeasts they find: this week there were worms, centipedes, beetles, slugs, ladybirds and Joseph W is becoming a great birder - identifying Blue-Tits, Chiff-Chaff, Great Tits and Wren.

Have a look at the video to see a taste of the activties. There are also a few photos of some of the children's writing.

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