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The First Session of the New School Year

Submitted by tawnyowl on Monday, September 10, 2018 - 20:50

Our Forest School is evolving. We are endeavouring to increase the variety of learning this year (First Class Opportunities to Respond to and Explore our Surroundings Together). Time in the woods encompassing the Forest School ethos will be at the core of our sessions, but we are now aiming to include a wider variety of settings and learning to complement our curriculum.

Following a fun, warm up game of Beetle Tag, year 6 began their term’s sessions with a busy and sometimes challenging set of activities – they began the huge task of preparing our raised beds for some serious autumn/winter vegetable gardening, willow weaving, litter picking, weeding and tidying the Peace Garden. They all took part with enthusiasm and several children realised how satisfying and calming gardening can be. It encouraged teamwork, and perseverance as well as providing an ideal opportunity to learn about plant structure and propagation.

Take a look at the class gallery page for more pictures of our busy day.

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