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European Languages Day

Submitted by class3 on Wednesday, September 26, 2018 - 17:22

Today is the annual European Languages Day. In assembly, the children today learnt that there are over 200 languges being spoken around Europe and many children offered to speak some of the languages they speak at home (French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Ukranian) and we counted up to 9 European langauges in our school alone!

Each class undertook different activities to celebrate linguistic diversity on our continent, including Year 1 looking at Italian and making Venician masks, year 2 having conversations in Spanish, Year 3 (with the help of our wonderful Mr Bowyer!) trying some Welsh phrases and Year 6 speaking a huge array of different languages!

It was a great day, and really showed us what a culturally diverse school we have with confident children all willing to have a go at speaking another language.


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