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Coconut Rice with the BFG

Submitted by tawnyowl on Friday, May 25, 2018 - 08:24

Our focus for today was 'being calm'. Tawny Owl began both sessions with calming activities - using our fox walking and deer ears to observe what was going on in the woods. We played the 'Electric Shock' game where a 'pulse' is passed round the group from hand to hand as quickly as possible. This required children to remain alert, as well as try really hard to control their naturally 'twitchy' young bodies! It is something we need to continue practising.

We spent time in the fire circle focussing on settling our breathing, and then moving to a tree for Silent Spot. Tawny Owl explained to the children why we were doing this (she compared it to keeping our bodies healthy by eating well, sleeping and exrecise; except this is to help our minds), and has issued a challenge for the children to get outside every day and sit silently for 5 minutes just concentrating on their breathing. If you are adult reading this, you should try it with your children (or on your own); we all need it in our busy lives today.

In addition to these activities, the children played hard: climbing trees, inventing the 'BFG game' using the layers in the woodland for different characters, playing in the mud kitchen making chocolate pancakes, while some did weaving, Ratty continued to wrap her tree, and many of Willow group enjoyed coconut rice which Eva had helped cook on the fire. What a busy day!

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