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Bug Hunting and Fishing

Submitted by tawnyowl on Tuesday, July 3, 2018 - 17:54

Year one were saddened to be having their last session in the woods today. However, they made the most of every moment – searching for bugs (they found centipedes, beetles, slugs and lots of empty banded snail shells - which the children decided should be called 'Tiger Snails'), digging, ‘fishing’ (Jemima and Tilly 'cooked the fish they caught over a camp fire' - delicious), playing in the stream, looking at the nature books, playing in the hammocks and climbing trees.

Tawny Owl read the story about Scaredy Squirrel to both groups while Hedgehog acted it out with Scaredy Squirrel puppet .  Then there was time to talk about things which scare us, trying to make links with the story and realising that a lot of times we are scared of the ‘unknown’, and actually we are scared for little or no reason.

Miss Wilford visited for the first time, and thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon. Her Forest School name is Butterfly.

The adults observed excellent learning; particularly resilience, helping each other, and independence. We noticed today especially that the children manage their own stinging nettle stings without fussing, small injuries were just brushed off and everyone is becoming much more robust.  There are also far fewer requests for help from adults in many tasks.  Great progress!

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