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Back in the Woods

Submitted by tawnyowl on Monday, September 17, 2018 - 17:28

Our camping toilet arrived on Friday, so we were able to return to the woods.

Both sessions began with Tawny Owl walking the children around the wood to explain the new safety boundaries - the children now all clearly understand the areas they need to avoid due to the dangerous trees, and to give people privacy in the forest toilet area.

We then had some jobs to do to set up our new camp.

Whitebeam group spent a lot of time moaning and chatting but did eventually manage to create a private space for the toilet – digging a trench for the boys and putting up tarps to create privacy for all. The other half of the group carried sitting logs to our temporary site – making use of a great den which was built by someone else. They had a short time to play.

Dogwood group worked much more efficiently to create a new, temporary entrance to our space, as well as making a defined path, and setting up a washing up area.

The woods were warm and sunny today, and the children enjoyed playing in a different area, although Dogwood group returned to the ‘Bridge end’ to play. Whitebeam Group found puff balls, and noticed the sweet chestnuts and Field Maple seeds falling, having been eaten by small woodland animals.

Have a look at the class gallery for more photos.

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