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Ash Trees and Bumble Bees

Submitted by tawnyowl on Friday, May 3, 2019 - 15:26

Year 2 enjoyed a sunny day in the woods on Wednesday.

Hornbeam Group enjoyed watching the Morris men before we left for the woods so had a shorter session today. However, they immediately got involved with their learning as soon as they arrived in the woods. Some tackled the challenge of making Bumble Bees with Tawny Owl and Wren - they were really fiddly but the children soon got to grips with tying a half-hitch and were really pleased with their creations. Tyler took his learning a little further by using tiny balls of clay to make eyes for his Bumble Bee. The children had to use lots of patience and find motor skills to be successful. We hung them in a Lime tree; nearly a swarm!

Another group spent time with Chestnut planting on some of the Ash seedlings growing in the fire circle. It took gentle handling to get them out of the ground without damaging the roots and planting them in a mixture of woodland soil and compost. The morning ended with a group of children enjoying a game of 'Ladybirds and Bumble Bees'. The children were really mature about taking turns, both to play and when using their strategy to win against each other.

Alder Group were offered the same activities but they took the decision to lead their own learning. Some did a little bug hunting. As the children were learning independently of the adults, Buzzard took the opportunity to help by cutting and splitting wood for the log shed, while Chestnut, Wren and Tawny Owl created a little willow structure form the willow left over in the autumn from the screen created by years 3 and 4 around the tree bog. The willow had grown amazing roots and we had to dig a very deep hole to try and incorporate all the roots. Some had to be left to shrivel. 


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