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The Anderson Shelter continues...

Submitted by tawnyowl on Wednesday, June 6, 2018 - 20:26

Yet another beautiful day in the woods today - how very fortunate we are!

Tawny Owl was a wee bit late, but Goldcrest ably lead at the start with help from Bumble Bee and Lopophorus; the fire was alight, the kettle had boiled and peach dump cake was in the oven before Tawny Owl joined them!

We then spent some time sitting knitting, setting up shelters, playing in the hammock or continuing building the Anderson shelter! One group found an empty egg shell, which Tawny Owl believes to be a Blackbird’s egg.

The Peach dump cake was enjoyed with custard by most of the group, and drank either fruit tea or Y1’s Elderflower Cordial which they made yesterday.

Birch group are becoming quite adept at using knives so they all had instruction on how to safely remove a knife from it's sheath, and then return safely after use.

Larch group had less time today, but began with Silent Spot. We then played the Magic Stick Game which lead to a number of emotions: frustration, irritation, excitement as well as huge satisfaction and pleasure when successful.

Tommy's tree did (against all the odds; rough treatment, heavy rain and rabbit) survive and is looking quite healthy. Several children were amazed to think about the time it would take to grow as large as the old one on the other side of the stream.

They then had time to play – some continued with the Anderson shelter, while others used tools to complete projects already begun, or began new projects.

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